Do I have to be a very experienced Rider to attend Clinics or have Lessons

We facilitate most levels of Riders from the Novice to the highly experienced. Currently we do not offer learn-to-ride or Beginner lessons as our facility is not geared toward this, and Clinics require Riders to have their own horses.

What Level should my Horse be

At Forward Coaching we are strong advocates of the importance of Schooling a horse no matter what the preferred discipline is. Where the horse is well matched to the Rider, and the Rider has a willingness to learn, any level of Horse is welcome.

I can't access lessons on a regular basis – What are my options

Electronic Lessons are proving extremely popular, and overcome time and distance barriers. As a member you will also have access to training Video’s & MP3’s

Do I have to be an EA Member to have Lessons

Being an EA Member provides many benefits, and also means you are not required to fill out a Waiver before each Lesson, however it is not obligatory. If you are not an EA member you will need to complete a Waiver before each lesson. Please click here to donwload the Form.
Please fill it in and bring it to the lesson.

Where can I attend a Clinic?

See Venues For Lessons, and visit the Events Page for further details.

Register with us or Like us on facebook and we will keep you informed!

How can I organise a Clinic in my area?

To run a clinic we need a minimum of 8 Riders/day with a maximum of 12 for Private 45min Lessons.

Travel and Associated expenses are divided over the number of Riders

Drop us an email with the Venue details and proposed dates you would like to run a Clinic. Where the Clinic is approved, we provide you with electronic and other marketing materials to ensure a successful Event.

See our Terms & Conditions for more details

FAQ on Coach, Coach Education & Mentoring

How do I find out more about becoming an EA NCAS Accredited Riding Coach or Instructor

The Equestrian Australia (EA) National Website provides extensive information on becoming Accredited as a Horse Riding Coach.
The structure is an Open Learning and Formative Assessment style.

You can also download Step by Step Coaching

Once you have registered and received your EA Resources, contact us for guidance on how to structure your learning, and access to Coach Educating, Face-to-Face Clinics, Train-to-Teach, and Assessments.

Visit our Training section for more information.

I'm currently an EA Coach - Can you help me to attain the next Level of qualification

We are able to provide Coach Educating & Assessment to Intro Coaches wanting to attain Level 1 accreditation, and Level 1 Coaches wanting to attain Level 2 accreditation. We have access to a network of Coach Educators who are willing to assist

I started my Coaching Certification some time ago but didn't complete it. What should I do next

Send us an email outlining what Certificates/Activity slips you have completed and the dates they were signed off. Also include information about which EA Resources you have as there are a number of different Manuals depending on which year you purchased yours. If you are unsure whether your Resources are still current please contact your EA Branch

I have let my EA Coaching Registration lapse. How do I become current again

Refer to the EA Lapsed & Non Practising ReAccreditation Procedure document

If you fall under the category of Coaches required to attend a Compulsory Coach Updating and Familiarisation process, we can assist you in both areas.

We deliver regular On-Line Coach Updating Clinics, so Register Free on our Website for VIP notifications or check out our Events page.

You can also Book a Lesson or Book an Electronic Assessment for the Familiarisation process. Here’s a walkthrough infographics on how to become current again

I need two Coach Educators to sign off my Activity slips, but it's difficult to find the time or a CE near me - Are there other options

Yes, you are able to access Electronic Assessment as well as book Electronic Lessons for Coach Educating and Mentoring purposes

I'm a Coach Educator and am looking for Professional Development opportunities

We are continuously developing programs and seminars to further develop the Equestrian Sport and Coaching, so be sure to Register Free as a Member on our Website and you’ll receive any notifications about our Events.

You can also book Mentor sessions, which contribute to your Updating Points. These sessions may be one-on-one or organised as small groups and can be delivered face to face or on-line.

Email us to enquire further.

I'm a Trainee Coach and find it difficult to budget for my Training

We offer payment plan options, and can give you an overview of expected costs associated with attaining your accreditation so you can plan ahead.

FAQ on Electronic Lessons & Electronic Assesment

What is an E-Lesson

An E-Lesson (or Electronic Lesson) is a fantastic opportunity to either add to your existing Training, gain access to a Professional Specialist, have ‘Eyes on the Ground’ more regularly, as well as Competition Analysis given during or after an event. Many Riders have even used an E-Lesson to gain feedback on horses trialled for purchase!

Trainees and Coaches wanting to acquire the next Coaching qualification often find it difficult to access Coach Educators. E Lessons solve that problem.

Simply provide us with some Video Footage, send via USB stick or upload to private YouTube link for instant access. Step by Step tutorials and pdf’s are provided in our “How To”(create a page to house downloadable PDFs) Documents section.

We then engage in on-line collaboration, or otherwise over the phone, and you receive written feedback or have the option to record our session so you can refer back at a later date.

What does Electronic Assessment mean

Many Coaches and trainees struggle to access Coach Educators, or find it difficult to find to find time around work and family commitments. While attending Clinics allows Coaches to benefit in learning from others, many of the Activity Slips are theory related, or it’s simply impractical to attend a clinic. Electronic Assessments allow you to overcome time and distance objections, and can also allow you to work in a self-paced manner.

How do I access Electronic Assessment

See How to Book an Electronic Assessment, or simply use the Booking Form – Electronic Assessment

How do I submit a Video Assessment

Videos can be sent on a disk or USB stick, or uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo. Video needs to be less than 10min for YouTube, or use Vimeo for longer videos. Audio must be clear, and light good. (See demo video here.) Send your Course Checklist & Assessment Slip for signing – either with your disc/stick or via email if uploading your video. Include a stamped, self addressed envelope so we can return your documents. Check this infographic on how to submit video lessons.

I am Technically Challenged! What if I don't know how to send things electronically?

We provide a step by step “How To” tutorials and pdf’s detailing the best way to send Documents, and record and upload Video for optimal results, as well as other alternatives for sending us your Materials.

FAQ on On-Line Webinars/Clinics

What is a Webinar

A Webinar is a on-line Seminar. We look forward to bringing you Interviews, Discussions and Q&A Sessions with other Industry Experts

Do I need special software to attend an On-Line Compulsory Coach Updating Clinic

No – everything is done at the click of a mouse!

We send you a link to access a free download, and you are given simple, step-by-step instructions on how to register for the Event

If your Internet connection is not reliable, you have the option to phone in (call costs apply)

How do I Register to attend

You can register here or Follow Us on Facebook where you can download Registration Forms and stay up to date on our Events.

FAQ on Forward Coaching Membership

Does my Forward Coaching Membership cost anything

No, it’s Free!

Can I unsubscribe at any time

Yes. Every email you get there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Is my information safe

We do not share your information with anyone. We will from time to time send you emails with Event information and updates

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