Nov 22 2014

Jacqui has had a passion for horses since the age of 10 when, living on a farm in NZ, she was invited to ride with her neigbourhood friends.

Although it took the best part of 6 years to convince her parents it was more than a passing fad (perhaps it was the door knocking for ANYONE to loan her a horse!), suspicion was turned into support and the van Montfrans family continued on a VERY steep learning curve..

From uninitiated novice, to driven competitor, to Australian representative, she followed her love of riding and Dressage around the world, and Coaching was a natural progression. 

Jacqui’s success as a Dressage Coach and Coach Mentor is borne from her ability to communicate on many levels with both horse & rider, developing a philosophy around the importance of developing a connection with the Horse, as well as increasing Rider awareness.
Her students in the Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Horse and Eventing Arena’s have attained National success, Squad selection, and Overseas experience. Others have also continued on to become successful Coaches in their own right, or have simply grown to enjoy the personal challenges and satisfaction derived from gaining better insights into the horse and an understanding of their own riding. 

More than a Dressage Coach, Jacqui has taught riders from many corners of the Equine Industry…Polo, Polo Crosse, Western, Stockhorse, Pleasure Riders, Stuntmen and Movie extra’s! 

Although you will always continue to see her coach Dressage, Jacqui has, over the last 23 years, evolved her Coaching to extend into more specialized fields.

Having studied Business & On-Line Marketing and attained a Diploma in Performance Coaching, Jacqui is focused on developing on-line Education Programs for Coaches and StartUp businesses, Professional Development opportunities, and of course generating Fan Club status for the wonderful animal we interact and work with…The Horse!